~Sensei Victoria Whitfield, NJ

Yoni Steam Satchel

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Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki works on a subconscious level to clear energetic blockages and restore balance to the mind, body and soul. Reiki with Dana is a unique and holistic experience that not only calls on the universal healing energies of Reiki, but incorporates a divine and spiritual white light modality, deeply rooted in shamanic and theocratic studies A reiki healing session may effect great change in many areas of your life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Spiritual Readings
​As a Clair, Psychic & Medium, Dana provides divinely guided readings that express the beautiful, positive messages of our spirit world, connect individuals and families with passed loved ones, offer guidance and insight on life’s journey, recall past lives and their significance in the present, identify personal blockages, re-kindle and strengthen the personal connection between the soul, spirit world and an individual’s higher power, advocate corrective action plans to align personal and spiritual goals.

Reiki Prayers

Prayer is a powerful tool. It creates a sacred space of communication and immediate connection between our souls and a higher power. Whether praying for ourselves, others or the world, solo or with a group, prayer enacts a sincere and solemn state of worship or meditation that calms our inner being, connects us to a divine source and makes way for peace and joy within. Increase the power of your prayers, and learn to call in the energy, guidance and blessings of the spirits, guides, and angels that surround you. Allow the supportive energies of your prayers to be lifted in a private session with Dana or a custom invocation designed for and emailed directly to you. As you recite or read your prayer the powerful supportive love and light of Dana’s reiki energy will be present. Dana recommends a bi-weekly or monthly update of your Reiki Prayer to properly align with changing events and goals. 

Reiki Infused Art
Dana’s artwork is always inspired by spirit. Many depictions are expressions of her personal experiences and encounters with the energy through meditation and her lightwork. Each piece begins with the embedding and scribing of a sacred reiki symbol, it is then transformed into a soulful expression of love and light, and finally sealed with divine reiki energy and blessings. Natural grained canvas and acrylic paints are used in addition to oils, earth, vegetation, and shimmers or glitter (of course) for texture and appeal.

Crossovers & Energetic Cleansing​
As a medium and avid communicator with the spirit world, it is Dana’s unique calling to assist souls on their journey home. While most make their way effortlessly back to Source, landing safely on the other side, many departing souls have difficulty leaving this earthly plane. Spirits left suffering in the energy due to unexpected passings, unresolved business, or plain fear and unsurity of God’s love and acceptance will often accumulate negative energy and seem volatile in their attempts to contact and communicate with the living. For many this can be a scary, unrelenting and traumatic experience. Dana’s ability to assist these wayward spirits in expressing their message, shedding the darkness masking their divine light and reassuring and reconnecting souls with Source is remarkable. If you are feeling an abundance of negative energy, a heavy presence or are being/have been attacked spiritually, allow Dana to remove unwanted spirits and their attachment, cleanse and balance the energy between you and spirit, and provide tools and education for personal protection.

"Just had an amazing Reiki session with Dana Moore from Inspired Lightwork. Love! Love! Love! It. Felt the energy channeling thru me. She totally helped me open up for more love and blessings. "Something Good is coming and happening Right Now. Thank God, the angels, spirit and
​Dana Moore...."

~Ivette M. FL

"Accurate channeled readings, powerful energy work, and the blogs are a brilliant resource for any Lightworker out there! So proud of one of my brightest students, Dana Moore! Love and light! - Sensei Victoria Whitfield"


~Teresa S., NJ

"Dana was amazing! She was more than generous with her time, talents, energy, and love! She explained things in a way that I completely understood and def gave me a life changing experience , I will def recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual guidance and to some family members as well, cannot wait to speak to her again!"

Healing Hands

I loved it ... I got answers about myself and situation ...I highly recommend it ... She also makes you feel comfortable not like other ppl that tell you lies and make things up as they talk to you... She tells you everything first ... Loved it

I close my eyes and say a prayer...
Release my thoughts into the air,
I ask for guidance from above
That my hands might flow with healing love.

A touch that's meant to reach the soul
To ease the pain that took its toll,
The mind and spirit to renew
As energy flows from me to you.

Inspired Lightwork

~Samantha Laura Wilder