​​​Sometimes we get so bogged down by life that it can be challenging to find time for the kind of peace, relaxation and self-care that helps you to FEEL like the Goddess you are. Wouldn't it be great to FEEL refreshed and renewed more often? Wouldn't you love to have the secret sauce recipe to reclaim your peace and power? 

It took me years to understand that I am not only WORTHY and DESERVING of my own time but that I was the #1 culprit in thieving my time, willingly giving it away to others, believing that it was my responsibility to put out every fire I could see, simply because I could see it, and BECAUSE I'm so awesome at taking care of everything and everyone else, I did it... willingly! Let's fast forward through years of people-pleasing, lack of pleasure, clarity or even energy to enjoy the life I was working so hard to create. I definitely didn't call myself a Goddess back then! 

Today, I have the peace, energy, and joy that comes from

  • the courageous act of taking care of myself before taking care of others 
  • the clarity gained by allowing myself time for release and relaxation 
  • the ability to love myself so deeply that I create and attract the support, resources and divine beings that bless my life daily 
  • welcoming the love, wisdom, and inspiration of a powerful tribe of Goddesses with limitless experience!

So how can you begin to enjoy this state of being for yourself on a daily basis??

First, commit to owning your status and title as THE Goddess of your mind, body and spirit!

Then, JOIN ME for a "Hello Goddess" Tea & Spa Day! Treat yourself to a morning of being acknowledged as the divine womxn you are, get used to hearing Hello Goddess and enjoy a day of deep relaxation!! Our fabulous spa day together includes: 

  • A Hello Goddess Tea Party & Discussion! 
  • Best Practices and Tips for Enjoying the spa
  • Private Group Tour of King Spa and Suana 
  • Revitalizing Spa Facial Mask
  • Self-Guided Time for Deep Relaxation and Enjoyment
  • Traditional Korean Suanas, Pools and Steam Rooms
  • Pink Uniform for Use During Your Stay

Space is limited, participants must pre-register!

Ticket prices start at $57 per person through Friday, November 1st. Price increases at Midnight!

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Dana N. Moore, Reiki Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Dana N. Moore 

Reiki Master Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Hello Goddess!

Yes, YOU!!! 

I know, I know, sometimes you're so tired and drained that you just don't FEEL like the Goddess you are, and guess what... WE ALL EXPERIENCE IT!  We wonder how other womxn make it look so easy - they work hard, run businesses, take care of families and avert crises small and large in their spare time... all while staying calm and looking fabulous! Sounds like YOU doesn't it?  

Oh, everything except for the staying

calm and looking fabulous bit?? ​​

That's just not true! YOU are divine and so worthy of the title of Goddess! I know it, your fellow Goddesses see it too, and you've made your way to THIS HELLO GODDESS page, so it's time to stop denying it... GODDESS!!